Yang 1938

Charles Yang, 1938

Shadows of the Crimson Sun: One Man’s Life in Manchuria, Taiwan, and North America

Each year, thousands of Asian immigrants acquire new identities as they make their homes in North America, becoming hyphenated Canadians or Americans.  For Taiwanese immigrants, the process is further complicated by Taiwan’s precarious standing in the world.  This is the story of how Charles Yang became a Taiwanese-Canadian.  Born in Taiwan in 1932, Yang spent his childhood in Japanese-occupied Manchuria but was forced to flee to Taiwan after the Russian invasion of Manchukuo at the end of the Second World War.  Yang found life on the Chinese-controlled island under a repressive Kuomintang government suffocating.  Eager to escape the White Terror and martial law under this regime, Yang, now a trained physician, made his way to 1960s America.  After five years, he immigrated to Canada and became one of the first Taiwanese immigrants to Vancouver.  Framed by the turbulent history of twentieth century Asia, Yang’s life exemplifies the struggles of immigrants everywhere.  HIs experiences as a former Taiwanese citizen illuminate the ongoing dispute between China and Taiwan over the meaning of “One China.”  This biography is a rare and very personal account of the little-known histories of Japanese Manchukuo and of Taiwanese immigration to North America from an early pioneer and respected member of the Taiwanese community.

Available from Mawenzi House September 2017